Automatic stretch wrapper Autowrap

Product description
Automatic stretch wrapper Autowrap

Pallets are picked up automatically from the technological line and transported using conveyors integrated with the device. Their number strictly depends on the layout of the lines. The devices wrap the pallet with the preset program. After wrapping is finished, the foil is automatically cut and reheated so that it cannot be unwound. Optionally, it is possible to work with the top load securing module. In this case, after wrapping the pallet, the trolley with the foil stops in the upper position and the foil is cut off in the cover module according to the previously set length. After the load is covered, the tuck-in takes place, which guarantees full securing of the load from above and on the outer side sides. After completing the cycle, after leaving the safety zone, the pallet is ready for collection.

Properties and possibilities

  • Full process automation
  • Pallet height reading by a photocell
  • Program for wrapping up and down the pallet, or only up, only down
  • Adjustment of the height of the beginning and end of the work of the sled with foil
  • Diagnostic work control display
  • Adjustable number of wraps at the top and bottom of the pallet
  • Additional wrapping program (increase stability)
  • Additional coverage cycle (protection against rain)
  • Individual memory of four types of work cycles

Control system

The modern human-machine HMI (Human Machine Interface) interface, which includes the 5.7 ″ inch TOUCH PANEL, provides the operator with optimal machine control possibilities. The use of the panel allowed us to achieve a compact and functional whole. In the implemented visualization, text descriptions have been abandoned in favor of transparent icons and drawings corresponding to the functions fulfilled by the given visualization components. Thanks to this solution, the operator gets to know and learn how to control the machine in an organoleptic way. The visualization includes screens that allow setting values ​​for individual parameters (e.g. wrapping speed, foil stretch, etc.) as well as screens returning information about the machine, e.g. events, alarms, statuses, etc. Additionally, the interface is equipped with a recipe editor, which allows you to configure and save the machine operation programs in the memory of the controller. This enables the machine to be parameterized quickly without having to reset individual parameters. Access to parameter changes in the program can be password protected, thus preventing accidental modification of the program.

Top Inside Option

In addition, the wrapping line can be equipped with a mechanism for putting a foil sheet on the wrapped load to protect it against environmental hazards, i.e. water, moisture and dust. The system automatically measures, cuts and applies a sheet of foil at the right moment. Then the wrapping line completes the load wrapping cycle, tightly securing the wrapped product. The device communicates with the wrapping line, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

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