Capper TG-2

Product description
Capper TG-2

The Capper TG-2 capping machine has a built-in conveyor on which the closures move. They can be fed manually or by an automatic feeding system using a robot with a vision system or a specialized sorter. After the closure has reached the desired position, the gripper picks it up and puts it into the package. At the same time, it is supported by a centrator, which allows the tube to be straightened and centered in the package. This is especially important in the case of a highly deformed tube. Filled unit packages travel on a conveyor and are separated so that there is no collision during screwing. The screwing process is carried out by means of a system equipped with servo drives, thanks to which we can precisely determine the value of the screwing torque. It can also be supported by a side roller capping machine to increase efficiency.

The main advantages of the device: 

  •  2 capping heads
  • Compatible with an automatic cap feeding system
  • Turning repeatability
  • Capable of locking both cosmetic pumps and triggers
  • Precise application of the trigger tube
  • Possibility of closing several types of closures on one machine
  • Checking the correctness of closing
  • The turning force is modified from the operator panel

Main closure types:

  • Cosmetics pumps
  • Triggers
  • Pumps and caps without the straw
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