Cartoning Machine CP-8

Product description
Cartoning Machine CP-8

Servo Case Packer CP-8 is a fully automatic device for horizontal packaging of products in an American case carton with or without perforation. The device is dedicated to single-roll packaging of rectangular-shaped products (paper towels, cardboard boxes). It comes in various sizes when it comes to the size of the structure, which is determined by the type and size of the collective carton. A flat cardboard blank is picked up from the warehouse, formed by a vacuum system and transported to the destination where the product is packed. During this time, the product is transported and grouped according to the quantity set from the control panel. The grouping system based on an elevator driven by a servo motor completes it in the indicated number of layers and the number of products on a given layer. After the bundle is formed, it is pushed inside the carton. In the last stage, the master carton is folded and glued with adhesive tape or hot-melt glue, and then it is ready for palletization.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Full automation of the packaging process
  • Easy to change over with product changes
  • Great freedom of product/carton dimensions
  • High operational reliability
  • Hygienic design allowing easy access to all components
  • It works perfectly as an autonomous machine as well as an element of the production line
  • Full process control thanks to the use of servo motors
  • Can be sealed with tape or glue
  • Possibility to install a labeling machine or a scale at the exit of the machine
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