Case erector PABLOBOX 848

Product description
Case erector PABLOBOX 848

The PABLOBOX 848 cartoner is a device designed for folding and sealing flap cartons with tape or glue. Due to the weight of the carton and its size, the suction cups take the carton by vacuum and spread it at the level of the product outlet from the device. Positioning the magazine at the bottom of the cartoner for large cartons is a more ergonomic solution for loading more packages. In the next step, the cardboard is held and stabilized, and at the same time, the lower flaps are folded by the arms. Depending on the version, in the last stage, the cardboard is glued with a module with self-adhesive tape or with a special clamp adapted to its size after prior application of glue. The machine is equipped with an ergonomic design that allows easy access to the module of changing the size of the box, as well as its cleaning and maintenance. All control elements for conversion are clearly and legibly described, both by the divisions and the appropriate values ​​on the meters. The cartoner comes in various configurations depending on the dimensions of the cartons and the method of sealing.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Possibility of packing several dimensions of cardboard boxes on one device
  • Possibility of gluing with glue or tape – depending on the version of the machine
  • Ergonomic and functional machine design
  • Warehouse at the bottom of the device – facilitating the loading of large cardboard boxes
  • Option to mount an overflow sensor
  • Low-level sensor for cartons in the magazine
  • Low belt level sensor
  • Low adhesive level sensor
  • Clear design with access to all components
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