Case packer KA-10 WA – Wrap Around

Product description
Case packer KA-10 WA – Wrap Around

The KA-10-WA cartoner is a fully automated line for packing products into a tray with a rim (display) with the option of an external lid (tray + lid) and Wrap – Around cartons. The machine automatically takes a cut tray and then bends it to form a cardboard shape. In the next step, the unit product is grouped and the ready package is inserted into the previously formed collective package. After the internal flaps are bent, the adhesive is applied in a pre-programmed path. Depending on the final configuration, the device is equipped with 5 or 7 glue nozzles. After it is applied, the external flaps are closed and pressed down. In the next step, the cardboard is “wrapped” around the product, and then an additional glue line is applied with a movable head, which is responsible for closing the top flap of the cardboard box. In the wrap-around carton on the cartoner, the most frequently packaged products are jars, canisters, bottles, cans, bags and sachets. The device is mainly used in the food and chemical industries. The fully closed carton can be equipped with perforation, which, if properly designed, may correspond to the “shelf-ready” carton, which is currently one of the most popular packagings on the market. The cartoner is equipped with an intuitive control and visualization system. Thanks to this, the operation and communication with the machine are easy and clear for the operator. The device enables the parameterization of many types of programs, and from the HMI panel, the operator can set packaging parameters, such as packaging dimensions, packing speed, glue path type, package layout, etc. The device is made in many versions of product feeding depending on its type and performance.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Possibility of packing several types of cardboard boxes depending on the version (tray, tray + lid, wrap-around)
  •  The input system dedicated to the customer’s unit packaging
  • High efficiency and work stability
  • Quickly changeable grippers
  • Possibility to pack a very wide range of products
  • The entry of products arranged perpendicular or parallel to the cardboard exit, depending on the layout at the user’s plant
  • High efficiency and work efficiency
  • Control of the number of cartons and glue in the hopper
  • Vision camera option
  • Speed ​​of introducing the product into the carton adjustable in several stages depending on the stability
  • Adaptable to several kinds of formats
  • Quick changeover time and ease of use
  • Ease of use and maintenance
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