Product description

The packaging depalletizing system, which is widely used in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, is strictly designed and modified in terms of the place in the production plant as well as packaging and efficiency, which are the result of the entire system. However, regardless of the final version of the entire depalletization system, the work algorithm remains essentially the same. Empty packages are poured into the buffer tank, which pre-sorts the packages and provides them with a vision system. The camera verifies the position of the packaging/bottle on the conveyor, and then the robot places them on the production line directly on the conveyor or in special pax slots or magnetic trolleys. Depending on the capacity, the system can be adapted to the length of the conveyor belts and the number of robots dedicated to depalletizing. Working in a closed circuit allows for optimal use of packaging. The entire system has a very intuitive interface and the change of packaging on the line takes only a few minutes.

The main advantages of the device:

  • The size of the system and the layout adapted to the space in the user’s hall
  • Multi-functionality in terms of packaging shapes
  • High process efficiency
  • Visual camera with a special conveyor belt to verify the position of the bottles
  • The number of robots depends on the efficiency
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick line retooling
  • Ergonomic bottle-shaped grippers
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