Filling line Filler F-XL

Product description
Filling line Filler F-XL

The automatic Filler F-XL (6-12) filling line works in a linear system. The appropriate number of packages is retained under the dosing system, then pourers enter them and the filling cycle is started according to a strictly defined recipe. Depending on the specification of the medium, pouring takes place above or below the liquid surface, and the exit speeds of the nozzles are different to eliminate the foaming of the product. At the end of the cycle, the pouring system returns to its starting position. The dosing machine can be equipped with an additional system of separators, thanks to which, with a small diameter of the packaging, we can easily carry out the cycle of filling every second bottle. During the entry of subsequent packages, the pourers wait above the dripping gutter. The machine works using a sensed intermediate tank into which the fluid is pumped from the main tank. The filling line is characterized by high flexibility, where, based on a flow meter system, we can dose from ~ 70ml to 10l. Precise control of the pouring process through various exit/exit speeds of the fillers, depending on the speed of the pump and the dosed liquid, allows you to control the process with difficult high-foaming products. The construction in the enlarged version allows dispensing of up to 12 5l canisters at the same time, which translates into a significant process efficiency. The device is made by GMP standards.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Full flexibility – Adaptable to several types of fluids
  • Quick changeover – no tools required with interchangeable format elements for different packages
  • Stability of operation – a system of servo motors allowing for smooth operation regardless of the type of medium
  • Accuracy – Dose corrected flow meters provide maximum accuracy
  • Functionality – the possibility of pouring thick, viscous and foaming liquids
  • Cleanliness – equipped with a dripping gutter and a tub to drain the liquid.
  • Adaptable to various CIP systems
  • Full process control – a preview of the machine operation history, any number of programmed recipes
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