Filling line Filler Mini

Product description
Filling line Filler Mini

The FILLER MINI filling line is a device dedicated to small, irregularly shaped packaging. The device is equipped with a closed-loop system and “pax” format sockets, which are used for centering, stabilizing and transporting bottles. A device dedicated to many types of packaging, as well as short series, ensuring quick changeover. Dedicated mainly to the household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Equipped with an intermediate tank with a pump, the rotation of which during the dosing process is variable / regulated depending on the degree of liquid foaming. Their dependence is closely related to the position of the nozzles in the package. As a standard, the machine can have from 2 to 12 filling stations, depending on the capacity. The device is equipped with mass or electromagnetic flow meters, depending on the degree of conductivity of the dosed medium. The filler bar is controlled by a servo motor, thanks to which, in combination with the possibility of controlling the pump speed at various stages of its duration, we can fully control the process. The dosing line is equipped with special packaging centering heads with the introduction of a pourer, which, in the case of very small diameters, allows for process stability and repeatability. The device works on the basis of an independent intermediate tank equipped with a pump with the possibility of controlling the rotation during the process depending on the position of the nozzle. Such a system of the bottling line operation algorithm allows for full process control depending on the type of liquid.

The main advantages of the device:

  •  Possibility to dispense very small and unstable packages
  • A bar of fillers is driven by a servo motor
  • Adjustment of the dosing speed depending on the position of nozzles in the packages and the degree of liquid foaming
  • Possibility to handle any shape of the package
  • Pax layout for unstable packaging
  • Protection against spillage in case of defective packaging
  • Top quality components and finishes
  • Easy and quick conversion
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