Multi-line palletization

Product description
Multi-line palletization

A multi-line / center palletization system can take many forms. It is designed individually depending on the needs of a given production plant. The main factors that determine the final shape of the palletizing system are, among others: the amount of available space, the type of the packed product, the expected capacity, the layout of the pallet, the number of layers, or even the size of the collective pallet. The central palletization system may consist of several feeding conveyors with a rotation and positioning system. Products, e.g. from three production lines, can be fed to a palletizing robot. Right next to it, an automated pallet warehouse is installed, which usually has a capacity of 10-12 empty pallets. Empty pallets on the chain or roller conveyors are delivered to the stations where the robot, according to strictly defined parameters, places them on a pallet. Depending on the type of gripper, products (e.g. cartons, packages) are picked up and placed on a pallet individually, in several pieces, or even in layers. Additionally, the layers between which the robot provides a paper or foil spacer are determined. After the palletization is finished, the full pallet is directed to the automatic wrapping machine, which can be additionally equipped with an automatic system of applying and cutting off the foil hood. The entire palletizing system is built following the guidelines and safety standards. Palletization is a complete system depending on the degree of folding and layout – it is also equipped with roller conveyors, turntables, or chain and roller cross conveyors that allow you to change the position of the pallet depending on the designed system.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Layout dedicated to the available space
  • Possibility of central palletization, eg from 3 lines
  • Entire system fully automatic – from empty pallet to finished stock product
  • An industrial robot selected depending on many variables
  • Empty pallet warehouse adapted to various pallet dimensions
  • Robot gripper designed to optimize the functions needed to perform
  • Safety system compliant with current standards and directives
  • System of transporters, turntables and transfers adapted to the available space
  • Possibility of extension with an automatic palletizing wrapping machine
  • Ease of use and process repeatability
  • Possibility to palletize various products, such as packs and cartons
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