Packing line AU-12

Product description
Packing line AU-12

The packing machine is equipped with an indexing conveyor, thanks to which it can collect individual products in bags, and then group and form them into a pre-set package. After the package is prepared, it is closed in a foil sleeve, and then the foil is sealed and cut. Then the formed package is taken by the tunnel conveyor belt to the heating chamber, where, after shrinking and passing through the cooling system, it is fed to the receiving roller table. This tabletop, depending on the possibilities, can be driven, preparing the pack for the palletization process, or passive. This process is fully automatic. The packing machine is perfect for packing items produced on an industrial scale. It eliminates the problems associated with the low efficiency of traditional packaging techniques and significantly shortens the production cycle.

Unique features of the machine:

  • An index transporter adapted to the product
  • Adaptation to continuous trouble-free operation
  • Availability and ease of cleaning
  • Low consumption of spare parts and consumables
  • Manufacture of stainless steel elements in direct contact with the product
  • Available in both right and left-hand versions

Most often packaged products:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Groats
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