Packing line AU-30

Product description
Packing line AU-30

The device automatically groups individual products into collective packages. Depending on the type of the distributor, it can work by dividing the product into a given number of rows in a stationary manner or at very high capacities, reaching even 600 pcs / min, in follow-up mode, moving in several axes at the same time to properly distribute the product. After grouping and initial separation of the set package, the previously unwrapped and cut-to-size foil is wrapped on the product. The AU-30 packing line can also handle printed film. In the wrapping process, no welding-cutting elements are used, which allows for increased efficiency, as the film is applied to the product while it is traveling in a follow-up mode – without stopping. The packet formed in this way goes to the chamber of the shrinking tunnel. While passing through the heating chamber, the film shrinks on the package. Servo-drives used in the machine allow you to speed up the packaging process. The applied solutions and technical improvements determine the quality and reliability of the machine as well as ensure safe operation. This device works flawlessly and meets the highest requirements of our customers. The efficiency of the device, depending on the product, reaches up to 40 cycles / min.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Packing without stopping by wrapping method
  • Various types of splitters depending on the capacity
  • There is no visible seal on the package
  • Possibility of packing in printed foil
  • Product divider to prevent wedging
  • A system that divides packets according to previously given parameters
  • Possibility of packing several types of products on one machine
  • Double foil magazine
  • A welding machine that allows the foil to be joined without rewinding it
  • Adaptation to continuous trouble-free operation
  • Availability and ease of cleaning
  • Low consumption of spare parts and consumables
  • Integrated control system that allows setting the parameters of the tunnel and packing machine from one panel
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