Packing line AU-9

Product description
Packing line AU-9

The operator’s task is to arrange the items to be packed in the packer’s arm and with both hands to press the buttons responsible for pushing the package with the actuator through the foil screen to the other side of the working table, and then the pressure is activated to protect the package against movement during the welding operation. The packer arm then returns to its original position and the operator repeats pressing the buttons with both hands, which causes the gun to lower and cut the foil. As a result, the packaging machine meets the highest safety standards. The result is a package wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil. In the heating chamber of the tunnel, under the influence of temperature, the film shrinks on the package, and then, after passing through the cooling system (which gives it its final shape), it is fed to the receiving roller table. The most frequently packaged products on the AU-9 packaging line are cans, bottles, jars, cartons, trays, canisters, etc.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Widely used for a variety of products
  • Quick changeover time
  • A warm-blooded welding gun
  • The possibility of adapting the weight
  • Low wear of consumables
  • Operator safety
  • Very durable plastic tape in the tunnel, resistant to high temperatures
  • Possibility of making the XL version for products with large dimensions
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