Packing line MULTIPACK I 500

Product description
Packing line MULTIPACK I 500

Suitable for packing in polyolefin or polyethylene foil in the form of a half-sleeve. The touch control and programming panel is clear and easy to use. The machine picks up the products previously laid out by the operator or from the preceding conveyor belt. At the moment of driving into the formed foil sleeve, the packer conveyors they move apart at the same time revealing a silicone strip which, in cooperation with the transverse seal bar cuts the foil. The longitudinal sealer is responsible for the second weld, which cuts the foil along the product as it passes. The film waste is wound up automatically. Thanks to this, the machine can pack both short products and long and its speed reaches up to 35m / min. Depending on the length of the product, the machine can be additionally equipped with conveyors that allow for packing even very long products. The device has a foil perforation system, thanks to which the operator decides the number of perforated rows. During the parameterization of the package, the operator of the packaging line also sets parameters such as temperature and welding time, the amount of film behind and in front of the welding gun, or even the operating temperature of the tunnels and the speed of the conveyors. The Multipack I 500 packaging line is characterized by high flexibility in terms of packaged products, thanks to which it is widely used in many industries.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Widely used for a variety of products
  • Possibility to pack long items
  • High aesthetics of the final product
  • Electrically operated transverse welding gun
  • High efficiency and packaging efficiency
  • Wide adjustment of parameters (the amount of foil on the front – back part of the product, speed of transporters, welding time, temperature of guns)
  • Seam height adjustment
  • Possibility to set a different opening height of the welding gun
  • Foil perforation
  • The welding gun is equipped with a packaging control sensor with a safety brake.
  • A roll of foil is placed in a motorized tray.
  • Electric longitudinal and transverse welding gun, thermal heat with a protective profile
  • Welding system with automatic centering of the seam
  • Motorized film unwinding, machine equipped with a safety switch
  • Adjustable perforation of the fed film
  • Tunnel with airflow regulation
  • Belt speed control in the tunnel
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