Packing line MULTIPACK I 800

Product description
Packing line MULTIPACK I 800

The Multipack I 800 packaging line can pack products in polyolefin or polyethylene film in the form of a semi-sleeve. It can work “offline”, where the products are manually placed on the belt by the operator or coupled with the production line. The device then collects products coming from the previous line, then places them in a foil sleeve, and then the products are welded. In the last phase, the product enters the shrink tunnel, with temperature regulation in various zones, thanks to which it gives the aesthetic effect of the packaged product. The system allows you to set process variables as well as read the values ​​of variables, events and alarms. The device is dedicated by adapting the outline of the vacuum pump structure to pack wide elements. When packing groups of products with a small width, it is possible to disable it. It ensures even product guidance, thanks to which the aesthetic effect of the final product is maintained at the highest level. The device contains a very large number of settings of working parameters with the possibility of saving them, thanks to which we can perfectly match a recipe for a given product with the possibility of its quick recall / loading. The machine can be equipped with additional infeed and intermediate conveyors with the length supplied to the packed assortment.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Widely used for a variety of products
  • Possibility to pack long items
  • Vacuum pump for packing wide products
  • High aesthetics of the final product
  • Ability to work in line or independently
  • Electrically operated transverse welding gun
  • High efficiency and packaging efficiency
  • Wide adjustment of parameters (the amount of foil on the front – back part of the product, speed of transporters, welding time, the temperature of guns)
  • Seam height adjustment
  • Possibility of packing in various types of foil (polyethylene, polyolefin)
  • Possibility to install a vacuum pump for wide products
  • Possibility to set a different opening height of the welding gun
  • Adjustable speed of the conveyor belt in the tunnel
  • Adjustable sealing temperature
  • Foil perforation
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