Production line Creamblock

Product description
Production line Creamblock

The automatic production line made in the form of a monoblock, dedicated mainly to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, is able to handle a wide range of products, both liquid and those with high density and viscosity (including creams, peels, masks, lotions, pastes and other cosmetic products). It is mainly intended for products in high-density and viscous jars. The dosing process is carried out by means of a piston dispenser with a SERVO drive, thanks to which, depending on the product, the dosing process may have different speeds during its duration. The dosing line can be based on 1 or 2 filling stations, depending on the capacity and capacity. The bottling machine is also equipped with an application station, presence control and heating plates. The capping station on the CREAMBLOCK production line is based on a two-section operating principle. In the first section, the cap is put on and pre-loaded, while in the next stage, tightening is performed at a given moment with the possibility of its verification. The advantage of the CREAMBLOCK line is the possibility of pouring short series with frequent changes in the assortment. Changeover takes place without the use of tools, which allows for efficient operation during production. The machine has a funnel which, thanks to the level sensors, allows the process to run smoothly. The machine can be additionally equipped with a cap sorter, which automatically transfers the closures to the capping head. The device is equipped with safety standards in accordance with EU requirements.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Filling by servo-driven piston metering unit
  • High precision and repeatability of the dose
  • Very wide dosing range
  • Line adapted to pouring very thick and sticky products
  • Works with a wide range of packaging
  • Wide range of supported closure
  • Possibility to work with serving and heating plates
  • Precise control of the screwing torque – checking the correctness of closing in 2 stages
  • Fast conversion process to another format
  • Ease of format change
  • Production line designed for specific requirements and needs
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