Production line Monoline

Product description
Production line Monoline

The line is designed for filling liquid products and closing small-size, unstable, non-standard packages and those that cannot be packed in a linear system. It consists of a system of nozzles equipped with mass or electromagnetic flow meters and a screwing system strictly adapted to the types of closures that exist. The closures are given by means of a properly selected sorter or manually. The line is equipped with a fully coupled intermediate tank with automatic control. The undoubted advantage of the MONOLINE bottling line is its small size, which does not affect the number of references as to the packaging. The line is dedicated to dispensing products in the range of about 70-2000 ml. The dosing system allows for a number of different settings regarding the pump speed, the speed of the nozzles as well as the dependence of the pouring speed in relation to the position of the dosing nozzles. Undoubtedly, it guarantees full control, regardless of whether it is a high-foaming product, which should be poured under the mirror and its speed should be controlled, or it is an oil that can be dispensed by placing the pourer above the liquid during the process. Changeover takes place without the use of tools, which allows for efficient operation during production. The line also includes format elements for a given package (pax), the number of which depends on the length of the line, the number of nozzles and efficiency. The MONOLINE production line is completed with a pax unloading system, thanks to which the bottles can go directly to the labeling machine and further labeling and packaging. Conformity of performance with GMP standards. The machine is mainly used in the cosmetics, household chemicals and automotive chemicals industries.

The main advantages of the device:

  • A bar of fillers on a servo-drive enabling full control over the process (no foaming)
  • A wide range of dosing mediums: lotions, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.
  • Any shape of the packaging – adjusting the format socket for the product
  • Wide range of supported closures
  • Precise control of the screwing torque – checking the correctness of closing
  • System of automatic removal of closed packages from format nests
  • Optional retrofitting with a labeler, printer, packing machine, etc.
  • A production line designed for specific requirements and needs
  • High process repeatability
  • Ease of maintenance and changeover
  • Wide versatility in terms of types of packaging
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