Production line UNIVERSAL-30

Product description
Production line UNIVERSAL-30

UNIVERSAL-30 production line
The UNIVERSAL-30 automatic bottling and capping line is the answer to short series and frequent changeovers in the production cycle. Dedicated to the industry related to the production of cosmetics, supplements, contracting or for the needs. The device combines efficiency, productivity, multi-functionality when it comes to types of liquids, bottles and closures with easy changeover. The machine is equipped with a dosing system that measures the product with very high accuracy. In the next stage, the packaging with the medium can be closed in various ways, e.g. by heating the platinum lids, closing with a threaded cap, closing the pump,spray, trigger or pressing a snap closure. The device is also equipped with a weight control system with feedback to the filling system, thanks to which we control the production process on an ongoing basis. The entire production line is equipped with special, unique PAX which thanks to their construction are adapted to many different types of packaging and their changeover takes only a few seconds. In the last stage, we verify the correctness of the entire process, thanks to a small industrial robot that puts defective packaging aside, and correct ones for the next process, e.g. labeling bottles or jars. The entire line is very compact and its design allows it to be installed in almost any place in factory. The device in its construction replaces the classic bottling line and a single capping machine. The UNIVERSAL-30 production line, thanks to which we can dispense many different types of liquids and media, as well as cap a whole range of different types of packaging, also has a very diverse range of additional options, thanks to which we can configure it exactly to the customer’s needs.
The solutions used in the machine on the bottling and capping part also allow you to accurately track and record the events that take place on the production line.

Unique features of the machine::

  • Filling is realised with a SERVO controlled piston systm
  • High precision and repeatability of the dose with its control
  • The possibility of adding another filling station to increase efficiency
  • A line adapted to various products soaps, gels, lotions, cosmetics peeling
  • Multi-versatility in terms of packaging shapes and closures
  • All turning axes based on precise turning thanks to SERVO
  • SERVO axes for automatic changeover
  • The ability to disable individual stations
  • The only type of PAX system on the market
  • Seamless new product adaptation
  • Easy to change format
  • A very wide range of additional options to configure the device to your needs
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