Robopack 240

Product description
Robopack 240

The robotic station for packing into cardboard ROBOPACK consists of several devices comprehensively connected into one whole. In the initial stage, on the PABLOBOX type flap folder, the cardboard is picked up, unfolded and closed in a selected way – with adhesive tape or hot glue. In the meantime, on the conveyor that supplies unit products by means of a distributor – they are sorted into the appropriate number of rows and positioned to a given number in the collective packaging. Another component of the robotic cartoning station is the Industrial robot, which is selected individually depending on the necessary load capacity and range. The robot is equipped with a gripper that takes a grouped package and puts it into a previously placed carton. When the product is applied inside the package, the top flaps are opened and held so as to avoid any collision with the product. After the cycle is finished, the carton is closed on the MULTITAPE or MULTIGLUE sealer, depending on the selected sizing option.

The main advantages of the device:

  • A wide range of supported cartons
  • Various options for closing the package
  • Circuit separating and grouping a given packet with the possibility of many configurations
  • Ergonomic exchange of the robot gripper for retooling
  • High flexibility in terms of collective package arrangements
  • Guarantee precision and repeatability
  • Possibility to correct the trajectory of the product application to the carton
  • Design allowing access to individual modules and easy cleaning
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