Servo Flex Packer–1

Product description
Servo Flex Packer–1

The SERVO FLEX PACKER system is a system based on the precise operation of servo motors in a compact Cartesian design. The automatic carton packing system is based on a 1-row “race tracker” – a conveyor that collects packages in a line. After their positioning on a special trolley, the unit packages are driven under the picking and packing system. Gripper flange – 1 or 2 section takes the products and applies them directly to the carton. When the products require rotation, in the first stage, they are put and grouped in a special pocket, which, after completing the product, rotates by an angle of 90 degrees, thus turning the product. At the time of insertion, the flaps of the carton are held outwards to enable precise insertion of the product. The automatic carton packing system allows you to pack many products, such as: bags, bottles, dypacks and others.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Innovative turning system
  • Transporter of folded boxes
  • Transporter of unit products
  • Separator for unit boxes and collective boxes
  • The system of forming and grouping packages according to a given layer (eg 10, 8)
  • Carton grippers
  • System for positioning and tilting the finished cardboard
  • Cartesian system for inserting finished product layers into the carton
  • Possibility of remote connection for service diagnostics
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