Tube filling machine TB-250 AL

Product description
Tube filling machine TB-250 AL

Automatic line for filling and closing tubes Tubiarka TB-250 AL is a device dedicated to handling aluminum tubes. The machine operator places empty tubes in a specially shaped machine magazine. The device pre-sorts them, picks them up and automatically places them in a format bucket on a turntable. Then the tube is positioned according to a characteristic sign, thanks to which the tubes with graphics are always closed in the same way. After positioning, the tube is filled with the quantity of a given medium, selected from the control panel, thanks to a dispenser based on a servo drive. In the next step, the package passes through a series of pressing and bending stations to finally emboss the date and series number on one or both sides. The product level sensor in the tank monitors the level of the medium, preventing its lack. The machine is equipped with servo drives, thanks to which its operation runs smoothly, quickly and as efficiently as possible. The tubing machine is characterized by a very small design, adapted into small rooms found in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The unique system of quick changeovers allows for dosing many types of tubes without wasting time on changing the format.

Optional accessories:

  • Cooling system for lowering the temperature of the coolant with flow control
  • Quick changeover system for a different tube format
  • Tooling for tubes of different diameters
  • One or two-sided imprint of the serial number
  • Possibility to install a mixer in the hopper
  • The dosing system is based on a servo drive with the possibility of speed regulation
  • Rotary wheel drive via a servo motor
  • Unique dosing system for “sticky” products
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