Vertical cartoner VC-30

Product description
Vertical cartoner VC-30

The vertical cartoner is used for packing products individually or collectively in a cardboard box. Each cycle consists of separate activities that, when combined, present a fully integrated system. The device, due to its flexibility, can handle a wide range of references in terms of dimensions. The VC-30 vertical cartoner can be used as a semi-automatic device, where the operator manually places the products inside the carton, as well as a fully automatic carton. In this case, the machine automatically takes products from the previous line and applies them with the appropriate gripper inside. The carton can optionally be equipped with a leaflet feeding station, which applies to the previously unfolded carton. In the case of manual application of the product to the cardboard box, the device has a working space for 2 operators with freedom of work. The multiformat nature of the carton allows you to work with products such as tubes, bottles, or blisters. Due to the ease of use, the device is also adapted to quick changeover when changing the format or the packed product in the case of applications where it is automatically fed and put into a carton.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Friendly changeover system (tables with counter values ​​for a given product) minimizing the time to change to another format (about 10-15 minutes)
  • Mutliformativity – wide range of supporting references
  • Carton magazine equipped with a low quantity photocell and no cartons
  • The module for collecting the cardboard with suction cups
  • A module that folds the flaps, forming and folding the bottom part of the cardboard in a mechanical way
  • Space for loading products by operators
  • Optional flyer application station
  • Optional automatic carton loading station
  • End module that folds and closes the top flaps of cardboard boxes
  • Precise carton movement control with SERVO
  •  Available in the stainless steel version
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