Carton folders and sealers

The carton folding machine allows you to speed up the technological process related to packaging. Thanks to its automation, we can increase efficiency, which in turn translates into greater efficiency on a given line. Fully automatic forming and gluing of the bottom of the carton make the package ready for further processing. The cardboard boxes that we offer you are available in two versions. Automatic - where the cardboard is formed and folded, and then glued with tape or glue from the bottom, and the entire process takes place without human intervention. Semi-automatic - where we manually place the packaging on the module that closes the bottom flaps. Both solutions can be integrated with other processes on the line, and its final stage can be a carton sealer, which will complete the cycle of receiving the finished package. In our offer, we present you a carton sealer for sealing with tape. We offer automatic machines that fold the top flaps of the cardboard and then seal them, or semi-automatic machines, where the flap folding process is done manually. Packing in a cardboard box allows you to secure the goods and improve their logistic value for further transport. Carton sealers are equipped with adjustments, allowing for quick adjustment of the height and width of the folded carton. They can come in a version with one or two gluing heads. Made of powder coated or stainless steel. The compact design of our carton sealing machines is compact, which means that they can work independently or be coupled in a given production line, which significantly increases their functionality.
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