Case packers

To meet the expectations of our clients, we are constantly expanding our sales offer. Among the numerous products and packaging devices, there are also cartoners, which in the daily work of many companies will significantly improve the processes related to the preparation of goods for transport and sale. The cartoners we offer are multi-functional and fast. Thanks to this, they turn out to be an irreplaceable solution. They allow for the automatic forming of boxes, then placing finished products in them, and finally gluing the whole thing together. All models of devices have been designed and manufactured in such a way as to be able to cope with all activities involved in the packaging of the product. We have also made sure that the offer includes various models of cartooning machines - adapted to the various needs and specificity of many industries. All our devices, from carton folders, through wrap-around cartoners to carton sealers, are equipped with a modern control system that ensures safe and trouble-free operation. Regardless of which model you ultimately decide on - it will be a device fully compliant with the standards and production norms set by the European Union.
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