Collective packing

The arrangement of collective packaging on a cartoner can take many forms. The machine can be available in many versions, depending on the type of cardboard, efficiency, version, number of glue nozzles, and the product. The basic device allows us to pack products on a tray with a rim, the so-called "display", very popular in chains and discounters. Another version of the automatic cartooning machine allows us to additionally handle wrap-around cardboard with or without perforation. The most extensive version of the machine, apart from the aforementioned types of collective packaging, can also handle tray + lid [tray + lid] packaging, where the type of the lid may be different. The cartoner can be adapted to support the outer lid as well as the inner lid. Devices of this type are mainly used at the end of production lines, where they fully replace the manual work related to the preparation of the packaging - its assembly and gluing and inserting the product inside with closing.
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