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The PamerPack company meets the expectations of customers by offering, in addition to individual machines, complete production lines. Thanks to the wide range of products offered, as a Polish manufacturer of machines for bottling, capping and packaging, we can provide both individual modules and complete production lines. It is an ideal solution for planning and optimization of production. An exemplary sequence of a full production line may consist of, for example: - Packaging depalletizer - Filling line - Capping machines - Seals sorter - Dynamic scales with recoil system - Labellers - Ink-Jet printer or thermal transfer printer for packaging/label marking - Packing line in shrink foil - Cartoners - Palletizing system - Automatic pallet wrapping machine The sequence of devices presented above, connected by transporters to unit products, collective packaging and pallets, guarantees the efficiency and complexity of the solution for years. As a manufacturer of packaging and confectioning systems, you have guarantees for the entire line of devices and constant access to consumables. In addition, thanks to support in maintenance and service, the devices have modules for online communication and remote access along with real-time monitoring of work, thanks to which we can help in the event of unexpected events or during the implementation of new technology in the plant. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the devices presented in our offer, taking into account that we are a production company that can often modify and adapt its solutions to the packaging available to the customer. Do you want to know more? Contact us via the form below or call us, and together we will choose the perfect solutions for your company.

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