Semi-automatic wrappers serie OW1

The pallet wrapping machine is a device designed for wrapping all kinds of loads on pallets with a stretch film. The foil protects the load against dirt, unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. At the same time, it allows for easy visual inspection of the load condition and its identification.



The metal ramp enables easy transport of the pallets with the load to the turntable and back with a pallet truck. It is possible to set the approach anywhere along the circumference of the wrapper turntable.

Najazd O
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The wrapping machine can be equipped with one of the two available film stretching systems:
Type A
Type A

is the basic system for the initial mechanical stretching of the film between the dispensing roller and the load. It is realized by means of a mechanical friction brake with the possibility of adjusting its friction intensity.

Type B
Type B

is a system equipped with a potentiometer that allows you to set step adjustment of the film stretch. Replacing the film roll takes place without the need to re-adjust the pre-set stretch value, and the scale on the knob allows it to be precisely adapted to different loads.


Mast extension for wrapping pallets up to a height of 2700 or 3000 mm.

Mast +

The metal groove form allows sinking the base structure of the wrapper into the ground. As a result, the surface of the turntable is flush with the surface of the ground. This solution allows for trouble-free transport of pallets.

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