Taropak 2008

For four days, from September 15 to 18, 2008, Poznań turned into an international arena for presenting the latest solutions and technologies in the field of packaging and logistics. As part of the exhibition, you could see the latest offer from 800 exhibitors and the record-breaking proposition of foreign companies in the history of the Salon.

As one of the exhibitors, we presented a full range of packaging machines manufactured by us.

The presented machinery includes the following types of machines:

Worth knowing…

Packaging is an integral part of human life and an integral part of society. Without proper packaging, most products cannot be stored, transported and sold. Packaging plays a very important role in the economy of any country. This market is developing extremely dynamically due to the improvement of production, the development of modern technologies and the constantly growing consumer requirements. Annually, about 3.9 million tons of packaging are produced in Poland, and their production increases by about 9 percentage points each year. The packaging sector in Poland produces about 2% of gross domestic product – similarly, in highly developed countries it is up to 2.5%. Therefore, the consumption of packaging per capita is constantly increasing. While at the end of the ’90s this indicator was about 50 kg/person, last year it reached the level of 130 kg/person.

Currently, according to the data of the Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO), the largest sector in terms of the type of packaging produced are plastic products – approximately 38%, paper and cardboard approximately 26%, metal 24%, glass 10%. Since the end of the last century, the volume of domestic packaging exports has been increasing. It currently amounts to over 1.2 billion EUR. Most of these products are from plastics, metal, wood, as well as paper and cardboard.

Positive prospects for the future, along with the sustained pace of economic development, indicate good years for the packaging sector. PIO analysis shows that by 2010 the value of the Polish packaging market will increase to 5 – 7 million PLN.

The logistics function is indispensable to the packaging market, facilitating the production and distribution of materials. Transport and logistics are the key sectors of the Polish economy. This industry, with almost a 12% share of GDP, employs 1.5 million people. The growing international trade and the tendency to transfer production to Eastern European countries to look for cheaper labor are of great importance for its development. On the other hand, the funds coming from the European Union create an opportunity to improve the condition of road infrastructure, without which the development of this industry will not be possible.

For some time now, we have been observing an increase in demand for modern logistics and warehouse space in Poland, and the analyzes indicate great prospects for the development of this sector. In 2007, the stock of warehouse space amounted to nearly 4 million m2. This is 40% more than the year before. Demand was also 53% higher than in 2006. While a few years ago modern warehouse space was concentrated in the vicinity of the capital, it is expected that in the coming years they will also develop in smaller cities, e.g. in Lublin and Rzeszów.

Successful market development forecasts show demand increased for modern logistics and packaging solutions in Poland. Both of these industries were reflected in a strong representation at the fair in Poznań.

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