Filling and capping lines

Confectioning systems, i.e. a production line which includes bottling lines also known as fillers and capping machines are usually the beginning of the production line. The automation of this process allows us to achieve high efficiency, taking into account efficiency and finally a positive economic balance. Automatic filling lines allow you to start the process of filling packaging (e.g. glass bottles, PET or canisters) with a specific liquid. Its quantity is strictly defined depending on the capacity of a single package. After the pouring process is finished, the products move to the working area of ​​the capping machine which closes them from above by rotating the cap. Thanks to this, we obtain a closed package without human intervention. Capping machines can be adapted to various types of caps. The packaging prepared in this way is ready for further activities on the production line, such as labeling and packaging. The wide range of our devices allows you to combine packaging machines in such a way that they form one technological line.
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