Automatic capping machines are machines included in the technological line. Their main task is to tightly close the packaging, which is previously filled with the product (e.g. on the filling or pouring line). The capping machines are designed and adapted, depending on the model, to screwing caps of the following types: flip-top, standard, safe, trigger, sprayer, atomizer, pump, push-pull, etc. Closing can take place continuously while the packaging (bottles, canisters) is passed, container) or start-stop. Automatic devices are usually equipped with an automatic sorter allowing for full automation of the capping process. Each screwdriver available in our offer is a highly compatible device. This means that the machines work very well with the majority of technological and production line solutions available on the market. Depending on the needs, the device can be equipped with one or more heads. An additional advantage is the ease of use of the equipment and the adaptation of certain parameters of its operation.
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