Capper CS-1

Product description
Capper CS-1

The capping machine works in a linear system. The packages travel on a conveyor, additionally stabilized by side belts that separate them properly. Closures are served manually or by an appropriate sorter (vibrating, cascade, mechanical) – strictly matched to the type of the cap. Capping takes place during the journey, eliminating the problem of “splashing” the product. The capping machine can work with various threaded nuts depending on the type and diameter – push-pull, safe, disc-top, flip-top, ordinary. in continuous mode, the device can also work in the start-stop mode. The indicator of correct closing is the torque set from the control panel. The machine is equipped with a closing control system, which informs the operator about an incorrectly tightened product. The entire change of tooling is completed in a few minutes.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Continuous operation – without stopping
  • Eliminate foaming and liquid splashes
  • Checking the correctness of closing
  • Torque adjustable from the control panel
  • Clear and simple system for converting to a different format
  • Guarantee of process continuity and reliability
  • A very wide range of supported packages and closures
  • Head positioning performed from the control panel
  • A device based on linear modules and servo drives ensuring high precision of the process while maintaining the set dosing speed
  • Support for a wide range of packaging regardless of capacity
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