Stretch wrapper OW1-E-A

Product description
Stretch wrapper OW1-E-A

The OW1-E-A pallet wrapper equipped with a PLC controller is designed for wrapping with a stretchable stretch or net all kinds of loads on pallets. The “E” platform has a space-saving cutout and easier access for hand pallet trucks.

Mechanical film stretching system type “A”

This is the basic system for the initial mechanical stretching of the film between the idler roller and the load. Realized with a mechanical friction brake with adjustable intensity. It also allows you to wrap pallets with a net.

Properties and possibilities

  • Polish construction and production
  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel
  • The drive of the rotating platform and the foil trolley is built inside the mast
  • Positioning of the rotating platform
  • Platform rotation speed can be adjusted independently for up and down wrapping
  • Smooth start and stop of the rotating platform
  • Wrapping loads from the level of the turntable
  • Wrap load height sensor
  • Film tension controlled by a mechanical brake 0 – 200%
  • Safety switch underneath the foil trolley
  • Duty cycle automatic / manual / calibration
  • Rotary platform with “E” cut
  • The number of upper and lower wraps is independently adjustable
  • The possibility of wrapping in an even and odd cycle
  • Smoothly adjustable foil overlap
  • Smoothly regulated exit over the pallet
  • Possibility of wrapping in the mode with a spacer
  • Availability of parts and service

Additional options

  • Wrapping products up to a height of 2800 mm – additional mast extension on request
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