Stretch wrapper OW2-O-B

Product description
Stretch wrapper OW2-O-B

The OW2-O-B pallet wrapper is equipped with a readable and user-friendly 4.3-inch touch control panel, which allows us to instantly change and set the machine parameters. It is designed for wrapping all kinds of loads on pallets with stretch film. The transparent structure of the trolley with foil allows us to set the mechanical, constant tension of the foil without the necessity to modify it when changing the roll. The “O” platform is dedicated to the loading of pallets with forklifts, but additionally, as an option, the wrapping machine can be fitted with a drive-on ramp or a groove mold to facilitate access to the turntable with manually operated devices.

Mechanical film stretching system type “B”

Type “B” is a system equipped with a potentiometer that allows you to set step adjustment of the film stretch. Replacing the film roll takes place without the need to re-adjust the pre-set stretch value, and the scale on the knob allows for its precise adjustment to different loads.

Properties and possibilities

  • 4.3-inch touchscreen control panel
  • Automatic determination of the height of the load
  • A system for easy and safe foil insertion
  • Safety switch under the elevator
  • Wrapping pallets from the turntable level
  • Control system with work diagnostics
  • Smooth start and stop of the rotary table
  • 12 application programs
  • Parameters programmed from the panel
  • Parameter change lock option
  • Polish construction and production
  • Parts and service availability

Wrapping parameters

  • Film tension controlled by a mechanical brake 0 – 250%
  • Number of wraps at the top / bottom of the pallet – independently adjustable
  • Option on / off electromechanical clamp
  • Single / double wrapping cycle
  • Hood wrapping option
  • Departure of the trolley with the foil above the pallet in cm
  • Wrapping option with spacer / dividers
  • Independently adjustable up / down when the trolley is traveling, the foil overlap on the pallet in cm
  • Adjustable turntable speed while the trolley is moving up / down

Additional options

  • The ramp
  • A groove form for placing the wrapper in the floor
  • Wrapping products up to a height of 2800 mm – additional mast extension on request
  • Rotating platform 2000mm
  • Electromechanical pressure for unstable products
  • Adaptation of the wrapper structure to pallets of non-standard sizes
  • Made of stainless steel
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