Palletization Robocell CX-2

Product description
Palletization Robocell CX-2

The ROBOCELL CX-2 palletizing station is a palletizing system in a modular structure. The space-saving system, equipped with a robot and a suitable gripper, palletizes the products at the end of the production line. In the presented system, it is possible to palletize on two pallets at the same time in the case of two different products coming from the production line at the same time. Alternatively, when 1 type of product is palletized after 1 of the pallets is full, the robot starts to stack the packages on the second palletizing station. At the end of the selected palletizing cycle, a visual and audible signal informs you that you will pick up a full pallet and put it in an empty one, thus enabling the continuation of the process for a given place. The system is adapted to the palletization of various dimensions of the pallets along with the system of its positioning. Alternatively, it can also be equipped with a divider magazine, so that we can place the spacer in the layer selected for a given product. Palletizing station is equipped with an innovative pallet programming system from the HMI panel. Thanks to this, the operator can define the size of the box, the way it is placed on the pallet, the number of layers, spacers, etc.

The main advantages of the device:

  • 2 positions for product palletization
  • Possibility of continuous operation with the filling of 1 pallet position
  • Visual and sound signals coupled with events on the line
  • Possibility to palletize 2 different products from the production line to 2 different pallets
  • Possibility to apply a spacer according to a given layer
  • Ease of programming and format change
  • Grippers adapted to the customer’s packaging with the possibility of quick replacement
  • Full development in accordance with safety requirements
  • Compact design that saves space in the production hall
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