Servo Flex Packer–2

Product description
Servo Flex Packer–2

The SERVO FLEX PACKER robotic carton packing system is a system based on the precise operation of servo motors in a compact Cartesian design. In this version of the machine – the packaging line has two independent conveyors for feeding unit products, the so-called “Race Trackers” so that we can collect packaging from two independent production lines. The products fall into the guide carriages, which quickly move one field to allow the next product to be shot. After completing the entire layer, the trolley with the cartoner positioning sockets moves to the place of collection – a gripper, which can be multi-section and equipped with many heads. The picking and packing is usually done pneumatically or mechanically. At the time of insertion, the flaps of the carton are held outwards to enable precise insertion of the product. Optionally, the system can be equipped with a swivel pocket – this allows the product to be placed in the package rotated by 90 degrees, e.g. to a vertical position. After the product is packed, it goes for the next operation, while the entire cycle is algorithmically repeated.

The main advantages of the device:

  • 2 input transporters
  • Index system for precise product pickup
  • Transporter of folded boxes
  • Possibility to pack from 1 to 4 cartons at the same time
  • Carton stabilization system during product application
  • Carton separator
  • The system of forming and grouping packages according to a given layer (eg 10, 8)
  • Carton grippers – multi-sectional
  • Possibility to install rotary pockets – depending on the final position in the carton
  • Cartesian system for inserting finished product layers into the carton
  • A wide range of packaged products: bottles, jars, bags, sachets, doypacks
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