Robotic bottle unscrambler RBU-60

Product description
Robotic bottle unscrambler RBU-60


The fully automatic depalletizing station is a multifunctional and universal system for sorting, detecting, picking and lining packages on the line. A dedicated device at the beginning of the entire packaging process significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. The operator’s task is to fill the packaging buffer. Thanks to the transport system, the bottles are initially separated on transport belts and their position on a special conveyor is verified by a vision system based on a camera, which transmits their position to the robot. A robot equipped with an appropriate gripper picks up the packaging, orients it appropriately and places it on the line – directly on the conveyor or in a system of format sockets – pax. The stand is dedicated to handling a variety of packaging formats, with various capacities from about 50 ml to 5 l. The calibration and conversion system takes less than 15 minutes, so we can change the packaging format very quickly. The whole system is based on closed-loop operation – packaging that could not be verified and picked up by the robot returns to the beginning of the process.

The main advantages of the device:

  • High flexibility
  • Short set-up times
  • Multiformativity in terms of the shape of the bottle
  • Capacity up to 60 pcs / min
  • Possibility of implementation into an existing production line
  • Possibility of lining packages directly to paxes and onto a conveyor
  • Closed circuit of the system resulting in no losses in packaging
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