Carton Sealer MULTIGLUE 556

Product description
Carton Sealer MULTIGLUE 556

The automatic MULTIGLUE carton sealer is equipped with a system of electro-rollers that transport cartons. Cartons are queued with a separator that lets them in, keeping the appropriate distance. In the next step, the pushing bars take the cardboard away. When the upper and lower flaps open, the glue is dispensed, the quantity and frequency of which are regulated by the control panel. In the final stage, the upper flaps are closed and the packaging is ready for the next process.

The main advantages of the device:

  • System of electro-rollers at the input
  • Taking cardboard boxes with the use of push rods
  • Full control of the uniformity of the dispensed adhesive
  • Carton height electrically adjustable from the touch panel
  • A wide range of carton handling
  • Adjustable speed of pushing
  • No “mowed” cardboard effect, which is visible in machines equipped with a side belt system
  • Possibility to stick flaps up / down or only up
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