Packing line AU-16

Product description
Packing line AU-16

The AU-16 shrink-wrapping line is based on a linear system. It is equipped with a divider that divides the products into individual rows, forms a pre-set package and places it in a foil sleeve behind the welding gun. After cutting the foil, the package enters the heating chamber with an independent conveyor, where the foil shrinks on the product. After leaving the tunnel, it stops under the fan where it obtains its final shape and appropriate stiffness. The device has a microprocessor control and operation control system, which includes a PLC programmable controller and an HMI operator panel. The system allows you to set process variables as well as read the values ​​of variables, events and alarms. The line is adapted to regular industrial production with a capacity of up to 22 cycles / min, depending on the product. All axes are responsible for pushing and stabilizing the product – electrically driven, thanks to which the operator is able to fully adjust and synchronize the speeds. It is characterized by high efficiency and reliability in production conditions. Most often used in the food industry, where cans, bottles and jars are packed.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Product divider to prevent wedging
  • A system that divides packets according to previously set parameters
  • Possibility of packing several types of products on one machine
  • Adaptation to continuous trouble-free operation
  • Availability and ease of cleaning
  • Low consumption of spare parts and consumables
  • Manufacture of stainless steel elements in direct contact with the product
  • Integrated control system that allows setting the parameters of the tunnel and packing machine from one panel
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