Packing line AX-1

Product description
Packing line AX-1

Depending on the version, the machine automatically picks up products from the previous line or they are placed manually by the operator. Then the product is pushed through the mouthpiece with the foil using a drawer. The drawer is speed-regulated to meet the expected performance on the line. The final stage of packaging is welding the foil sleeve to enclose the product therein. Then the formed package is taken by the tunnel conveyor belt to the heating chamber, where, after shrinking and passing through the cooling system (which gives the final shape to the pack), it is fed to the receiving roller table.

Unique features of the machine:

  • There is no visible seal on the package
  • Packing in LDPE foil with a half sleeve
  • Possibility of packing several types of products on one machine
  • Possibility to work in manual or automatic mode
  • Adjustable airflow in the tunnel
  • Adaptation to continuous trouble-free operation
  • Availability and ease of cleaning
  • Low consumption of spare parts and consumables
  • Integrated control system that allows setting the parameters of the tunnel and packing machine from one panel
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