Packing line UNILINE TA

Product description
Packing line UNILINE TA

The UNILINE TA line is a fully automated line for packing products on a cardboard tray. The machine groups the products into given packages and then places them on a flat cardboard tray, which increases its strength. Then the formed package is transported into a foil which is sealed and cut. The final stage is the passage of the weld through the heating tunnel, which gives it its final shape thanks to proper air circulation. After leaving the tunnel, the bundle is cooled down by means of a fan and then delivered to the receiving roller table. The entire cycle is fully automatic, without human intervention. The automatic packaging line uses a heat sealer and automatic film unwinding, which allows for a significant improvement in the process. In addition, the drawer pushing the package to the module and taking it to the tray is electrically driven with the possibility of speed control depending on its position, which is necessary in the case of less stable products. The packaging line ends with a roller gravity conveyor, on which collective packages such as canisters, bottles, jars or cans are grouped.

Unique features of the machine:

  • Widely used for a variety of products
  • Possibility of packing on a flat tray or without a tray
  • The tray magazine is adapted to different sizes
  • Fast and user-friendly retooling system
  • Adaptation to continuous trouble-free operation
  • Availability and ease of cleaning
  • Low consumption of spare parts and consumables
  • Speed synchronization of conveyors
  • Fully electrically adjustable speed of the pushing arm – in 3 phases
  • Adaptation to specific customer products
  • Available in right and left versions
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